Surf Lessons

Our surf lessons always have a duration of 2 hours

We want to maximize learning and the taste for surfing, in a peaceful, safe, relaxed and fun environment. Our surf lessons, in Cascais, are always 2 hours lenght.
We have students of all ages, nationalities and with different skill levels.

Our team of professionals always seeks to give personalized tips and advices.
We believe each person has their own timing, and with a personalized approach it is possible to reach the goals faster.

We start by teaching how to stand and gain balance on top of a surfboard and according to each student’s personal evolution, in the following classes we start introducing more advanced maneuvers.

Catching the first wave is an unique and indescribable feeling. It is an addictive feeling, which tends to intensify as one gets better and better at surfing!

How do our surf lessons work?


Theory, heating and techniques (approximately 30 minutes).


Surf with the instructors and personalized feedback (approximately 1 hour) + approximately 30 minutes of free surf (the students have some freedom in the water, while the surf instructors observe them from the sand)
Note: for safety reasons, the free surf depends on weather and surf conditions.


Final feedback and stretching (approximately 15 minutes).

What do the surf lessons include?

· High quality surf equipments - neoprene wetsuit 4.3mm and surfboard;
· Sports insurance;
· A 2-hours personalized lesson;
· Safety and relaxed setting in a beautiful beach;
· Maximum ratio of 5 students per teacher;
· Transport from Cascais and Sintra upon request (free for more than 4 students).

* Please notice that, for safety reasons, the free surf practice depends on weather conditions and sea state.

Class levels

At Moby Dick surf school we are attentive to the level of knowledge and experience of our students and prepare each class according to that level. 

Beginners level: those who have never been in contact with the sea (with a surfboard)/those who want to experience surfing for the first time.  

Intermediate level: for those who have already surfed, but don’t feel safe surfing by their own yet.

Surf guides: coaching for advanced level surfers who want to share experiences and improve/perfect their surfing techniques.

Surf lessons: Beginners Level

Surfing in the foam

Everyone who has no insights about surfing or those who have never surfed before (or had very few lessons) are initiate level/beginners.

During the time they are started they will have classes in the inside (closer to the shore), in the “white waters” zone, where they will practice with water around the waist.

Beginners will learn in waves that have already broken in the form of foam (“white water”), making it easier to learn.

Initiates start surfing with softboards, usually around 8’0 to 9’0 feet, which are more stable.

Please notice that this may vary according to the specifics of each case.

What techniques and rules are learned?

  • How to lie in the surfboard;
  • How to paddle;
  • Take off (how to stand in the surfboard);
  • Final position and posture to surf in the waves;
  • How to assess the sea (tides, best waves, preference zones for the initiate level);
  • Board transportation;
  • How to pass “through” the waves;
  • Safety distance between surfers;
  • Finish waves without diving.

What should the students be able to do in the end of this level?

  • Get in the water by themselves;
  • Getting some waves by themselves;
  • Surfing these white waters/waves for the maximum distance possible;
  • Make smooth turns;

Surf lessons: intermediate level

Surfing some green waves

At intermediate level, classes are mostly taken in the outside, where it is possible to get the waves before they break. After surfing in the white water, in the initiate level, the goal is to learn how to catch a wave before it breaks and to take the drop.

During this phase the students start surfing in smaller boards, made of harder materials. The size of the board tends to decrease as the students evolves.

What techniques and rules are learned?

  • How to assess the sea (tides, currents and best surfing peaks);
  • Surf ethics: respect and priorities while surfing;
  • How to pick surfable waves on the ‘outside’;
  • How to turn the board while on a wave;
  • How to “cut the green”, meaning how to surf the wave parallel to the beach and not facing the sand;
  • First basic maneuvers, as “cut backs” and “bottom turn”;
  • Advanced techniques, as “duck dive” and “trimming”.

Advanced Level

Surf Guides

Experient surfers with an advanced level of experience will practice in surf spots with the best conditions, with the company of local surfers, also experient. With our Surf Guides we share tips and advices for surfing in our shore.

Photo report and filming are possible, upon request (may have additional cost).

Private surf lessons

Private surf lessons are an option, individually or for a small group. With a personalized card, these classes allow greater learning and results.


  • 1 person: 80€
  • 2 people: 100€
  • 3 people: 135€
  • 4 people: 160€
  • 5 people: 180€

Surf lessons for kids

Our surf lessons for kids are aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old. However we have wetsuits available for ages from 4 years old, as well as lighter and safer softboards, ideal for children.

Surf lessons – prices

Group lessons/price per person

Number of people1 Lesson5 LessonsSurf Guide - Half Day
(1 surf session)
Surf Guide - Full Day
(2 surf sessions)
Groups over 8 pp30€100€
Groups over 20 ppon requeston request

Surf lessons at Guincho Beach

We give surf lessons in Praia do Guincho, in Cascais, 3km-distance from Moby Dick Lodge.
It is one of the most known beaches from Lisbon region and it also one of the best to learn surfing. Because it is so windy, it is popular for surfing and also for other water sports, such as kitesurfing.

It is one of our favorites for the surf lessons during summer, when the waves are smaller.

With its wide and vast coastline, this beach is notested for being a “beach break”, meaning the waves break in a sandy bottom, safer and more comfortable for beginners and for kids. Besides, it has long waves in the inside (white waters), where we give lessons in Begginers level.

Surf lessons at Adraga beach

In summertime we give surf lessons at Adraga beach, in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, 12km from Moby Dick lodge (20 minutes car drive). It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, awarded several times. It is the place we surf majorly during summer, when the waves are smaller.

It has sandy bottom waves (beach break), usually fast, which makes surfing a bit more difficult for beginners, but is good for intermediate level.

Since it is not very crowded, it is easier to surf on the “outside” (before the waves break) compared to other beaches with more surfers (“crowd”).

Surf lessons at São Pedro do Estoril beach

With Moby Dick surf school you can have surf lessons in São Pedro do Estoril, a small beach surrounded with rocky hills. It is located in Estoril coastline and it is 13km from Moby Dick lodge.

It is one of the places we usually surf during wintertime, when the waves are bigger. It is a good surfing spot for surfers of all levels, since it has easy long waves to ride (that can last until 40 seconds).

It has both wave types: beach break, with sand bottom, and point break, with rock bottom. It is great for beginners to practice their paddle technique.

Surf lessons at Costa da Caparica beaches

Surf lessons in Costa da Caparica are not so often. It is 40km distance from Moby Dick lodge and for that reason, we only give lessons there when the conditions are not great for surfing in Praia do Guincho, Praia da Adraga or Praia de São Pedro do Estoril.

On the south shore of Tejo (Tagus) river, Costa da Caparica has a vast and wide coastline with sand bottom waves (“beach break”). Due to its easier waves, it is also a good place for beginners to learn how to surf.