Surf School

At Moby Dick surf school we are certified instructors, experient surfers and most of all we love the ocean. Our surf coaches and surf instructors guarantee unique moments of fun and safe learning. We do careful planning, adjusted and personalized according to the level of experience of our students.

Moby Dick surf school has classes for those who have never been in contact with the sea; for the ones who are curious and still apprentices; for those who already surf but don’t feel safe surfing alone yet and also for advanced surfers who want to share experiences and perfect their techniques.

We want to make learning an easy and fulfilling experience, making the most of it.
· Long classes, 2h lenght;
· Private or group lessons;
· Increase knowledge;
· Instill taste for sports in general, specially surf;
· Progression and incredible sensations;
· Appropriate for all ages, levels and nationalities.
For a deeper and immersive experience, we recommend the Surf Camp: vacations with lodging at our surf house, which accommodates numerous surfers night and day.

Surf Philosophy

Surfing is not only about getting on top of a surfboard, getting the perfect waves and doing skilled maneuvers. It is more than that. It is a mix of sensations that ultimately give us freedom and lightness. More than a sport that develops our physical capacity, it is a lifestyle that expands the mind.

Values and goals of the surf school:

• Allow our students to have new experiences;
• Instill practice and taste for sports;
• Show a different, healthier and more balanced, lifestyle;
• Helping overcome obstacles, challenges and one’s limitations, in order to achieve results;
• Improve progression and personal development;
• Teach about surfing and give our students the best surf tips;
• Improve our students’ techniques and progression in water maneuvers;
• Suggest and show new beaches and surf spots;

• To show them a chilled atmosphere and provide fun moments of sharing and socializing;
• Connection with nature through the wonders of the ocean;
• Relaxation, connection and freedom.

Basic principles for surfing

• Respect each one’s level of surfing;
• Respect the imaginary line that exists in surfing for catching a wave. Ethics and common sense avoid accidents;
• Be humble, remember your early days and help beginners;
• Do not pollute: a wave is as beautiful as it is clean.

Benefits of surfing

• Direct contact and connection with nature, through the vibrant energy of the sea;
• Develops brain activity, while maintaining focus and attention. Focusing on the present is important to keep the problems away, improving balance between body and mind;
• Surf forces us to discharge energy, therefore reduces stress and improves quality of life;
• Contributes to a healthier lifestyle;

• Strengthens and tones – being on top of a surfboard requires muscle effort;
• Improves breathing, resistance, coordination, agility, balance and posture;
• Provides relaxation and well being;
• Increases knowledge – subjects connected to the ocean, the tides and surf language;
• Instills social connections and discovering new places, cultures and people.

Lessons from surfing

• To respect the ocean and its unpredictability;
• Consideration for other surfers and the space that each occupies;
• Perseverance and persistence to reach one’s goals;
• Overcoming one’s limits, both physics and mental ones;
• Dedication generates reward.