Rent surf equipment

Our history is deeply rooted to surf long before this was a competition sport. We have been carrying surfboards since the 70’s, therefore we have a great variety of good quality equipment and that allows us to rent it to other surfers, in Cascais.

We have the distribution of surf brands (for schools and shops) in Portugal. The board rentals include surfboard, leash, fins, wax, socks/transport bags and removable rack to transport your board on the car. We have more than 50 different boards to rent and it is possible to switch board during rental (in several days rental).


Equipment1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7 days8 days9 days10 days
Soft board25€50€60€75€90€100€105€110€115€120€
Soft + wetsuit30€60€75€90€110€125€140€150€160€170€
Hard board30€60€80€95€115€130€135€140€145€150€
Hard + wetsuit 35€65€90€110€125€140€155€170€185€200€
VAT included

Surf board Rental

The waves can call us at any time, so at Moby Dick we are equipped and prepared to rent the ideal surf board for all levels of experience and all kinds of surfers:

  • Surfboards to advanced level surfers, since 5’6 to 9’0;
  • Softboards of all sizes to intermediate level surfers;
  • Boards for every type of waves, with different shapes according the size and intensity of the waves;
  • Retro boards (twin fin, quads).

Wetsuit Rental

We rent wetsuits made from top quality materials, so that everyone can feel comfortable while surfing. All sizes available, from 4 years until XXL.