When should I book my surf lessons?

  • Bookings should be made until 20h of the previous day.
  • For groups over 8 people, lessons should be booked at least with one week in advance.

When are the lessons scheduled?

  • The lessons are scheduled between 8h00 and 18h00, and we always consider the atmospheric conditions and sea state.

Can I book to a different time?

  • During summer time, when there are a lot of surfers and surfschools surfing, it is possible to book a lesson before 8h, to avoid the crowd. This will of course depend on the sea state, to guarante that it is safe!

How are the contacts made between the school and the students?

You can contact us via WhatsApp or e-mail.

What should I bring to the lesson?

  • Students should bring bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and water. The necessary for surfing equipment is included and supplied by the surfschool.

How many lessons should I have to learn the basics?

  • Usually, in average, you can learn the basics in 3 to 5 classes. With basics we mean catching a wave (“white waters”) by yourself, standing up on the surfboard and do some turns that show some control over the board. However this is not an exact science and everyone has their own pace.

When is the best time of the year to learn?

  • It is easier to learn during Summer (from May to September), when the waves are smaller. However this is also the most crowed time of the year, specially July and August.