Surf culture has crossed generations in the Machado family, as a tradition or a legacy

Moby Dick

The sea is energy and connection with nature in an endless number of sensations.

With a history that has been breaking ground since the 70s, today the school has certified teachers and professional surfers, who believe that surfing, more than a sport, is a happy way of life.

Surfer culture is very much linked to sharing and discovery. And for the Machado family it means passion and tradition. Surfing is about pushing the boundaries and having confidence. And it’s relaxation and connection with others and the environment that surrounds us.

1st National Championship, 1977

Ribeira d’Ilhas, 1978

Paulo Machado, in 1980


Surf culture has crossed generations in the Machado family, as a tradition or a legacy

Paulo Machado, the founder of Moby Dick, and his brothers were pioneers in surfing in Portugal, long before it was considered a competitive sport or even a modality. It is in the middle of this surfer culture, already quite alive in the country, that Mariana, Caetano and Pedro are born, children of Paulo who are today the new generation responsible for the Surf House and the Surf School.

In 2014 is inaugurated the Moby Dick Lodge, the Surf House, in Malveira da Serra, in Cascais, to gather all lovers of the sea, and honor the spirit of surfing, in a place of conviviality and sharing. A year later the Surf School in Cascais emerged, with the aim of teaching people to glide in the waves, on top of a board, in full connection with the ocean. Both concepts aim to convey the culture of surfing, such as sport and lifestyle. In July 2023, it opens a new Surf House in Colares, Sintra.

Praia da Rocha, 1983

Havai, 2010

Moby Dick Team

With the exception of the volunteers, in the summer, the entire team is made up of local people who are, in addition to instructors, experienced surfers.

Paulo Machado Owner of Moby Dick

Part of the history of surfing in Portugal, Paulo Machado has worked in the market for more than 20 years and is a distributor of surf material for schools and shops. He started surfing in 1974, when the practice appeared in Portugal, is the founder of the Moby Dick concept and is also a certified coach by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

Caetano Machado Head Coach

He has been surfing since she was 4 years old and has been teaching since 2012. He is a certified instructor by the Portuguese Surfing Federation. He competed from the ages of 12 to 20 at national and regional championships and also has experience as a lifeguard.

Pedro Machado Surf House and Tours Manager

He is the person responsible for the Sintra Surf House and our tours. He has a past of 20 years of surfing and teaches since 2011, being also a certified coach by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

Mariana Machado Surf House & Events Manager

She is responsible for the Surf House of Malveira da Serra, in Cascais. It also manages the weekly activities for the children, as well as our group events.

Joao Dantas Instructor

Long Professional Boarder and European Champion in the sport in 2018. He is a certified coach by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and has been giving surf lessons for 5 years, while remaining a professional athlete.

Annelise Drouineau Yoga Instructor

She has been practicing yoga since 2015 and began teaching yoga classes shortly thereafter. It seeks to adapt its lessons according to the needs of each group, focusing on restorative or conditioning practices (for post or pre surf lessons, respectively). Increased focus on Ashtanga yoga, a traditional practice that works in total harmony with strength and flexibility. It is certified by the Yoga Alliance (2023).